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OneNation Voter Suppression Shows: Edgardo Cortés/Advancement Project; Myrna Pérez/Brennan Center for Justice; Kemba Smith and Linwood Christian/both are Voting Rights Restoration Activist; Sara Mullen/ACLU PA, Chris Fields/Lawyer’s Committee Civil Rights


Voter suppression and racism is alive and well in America but we can fight this machine by registering to vote, voting early and fighting Voter ID laws.

“OneNation – Protecting the Vote” with Andrea Miller on Blog Talk Radio

Show #1 “OneNation – Protecting the Vote” with Andrea Miller and Terence Dicks on Blog Talk Radio


Andrea Miller
Chesterfield, VA
Deputy Field Director, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)

“Holding elected office is a privilege – voting is a right”


Rev. Terence A. Dicks, PDA Southern Organizer/PDA Georgia Coordinator





Sara Mullen, Assoc. Dir. of the ACLU of Pennsylvania and Chris Melody Fields, Election Protection Coordinator for the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law

Sara Mullen started in 1997 as a volunteer in the ACLU of PA Pittsburgh office.
She joined the staff as the office manager in Jan. 1998 and became Asst. Dir. of the Pittsburgh Chapter in 2000.

Mullen transferred to the Philadelphia office in Nov. 2002 and currently heads the Community Organizing Dept. and oversees the communications program.

She received her BA in Middle Eastern History from the University of Chicago in 1993.

Mullen previously worked in academic publishing.

Chris M. Fields is campaign manager for the Lawyers’ Committee Election Protection program coordinating coalition efforts to inform voters about their rights and that every vote is counted.

Prior to joining the Lawyers’ Committee in Dec. 2011, Fields worked in the govt. affairs div. for a biological resource center on the global health/biosecurity agenda.

Fields spent two years as Outreach Dir. for Common Cause advancing the democracy reform agenda and fighting for the Fair Elections Now Act that would create publicly financed campaigns for Congress.

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